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Lulung Believes there is a Great Conspiracy to Protect Ahok

MuslimsPost.Com |  Abraham Lunggana (Lulung) as a Vice Chairman of Jakarta Parliament  believes there is a great conspiracy to protect the Governor Basuki T Purnama. It looks from Tjahjo Kumolo's decision as an Interior Minister that did not dismiss the governor from its position.

This Betawi figure assess that the government in favor of Ahok. They did not execute the mandate of Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government.

"The President appointed to take an oath to carry out the law. The president often spoken that  law is a supreme commander. Why did not he carry out the law,"  Lulung said yesterday.

According to him, the government's attitude that not enforcing the law may impactthe public unrest. Moreover, while the law is only keen to Society’s lower class.

"The policy will be issued by Ahok didn't has legitimacy,even though he become a governor"  Lulung said.
As legislators and executive partner of local government, the city's branch of the PPP Chairman requested the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA)  issued a letter of dismissal without waiting for demand.

Because, if he allowed to become governor until October 2017, his policies issued has no legitimacy. The performance of  bureaucratic is not runs conducive and the budget's  absorption is unconstitutional.

Editor: Rendy Septian

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