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After the Friday Prayers of Islamic Ummah Coming to the Constitutional Court

Alumni Presidium 212 will perform Action 287 after Friday prayers, July 28, 2017 afternoon. The action is intended to reject Perppu No. 2 of 2017 on Community Organizations.

The action will begin by gathering in the Istiqlal Mosque, praying together, then doing a long march to the Constitutional Court and will berorasi and demonstration at the circle of Horse Statue.

Chairman of the Alumni Presidium 2012, Slamet Ma'arif said, has coordinated with the police for this action. He considered, the Perppu about the dissolution of mass organizations is very worrying about democracy.

"The Perppu disbandment of this mass organization is our concern, because we are worried that if this rolls out, it will emerge a new dictator regime that can judge mass organizations without going to court," said Slamet in Tebet, South Jakarta, Tuesday, July 26, 2017.

In addition, Alumni Presidium 212 assessed, with the existence of the Perppu there is an indication from the government to silence the existing organizations. In this case, Islamic organizations became the first target. "We are also worried that this is an indication of the silencing of Islamic organizations, that is our basis," he said.

Meanwhile, Polda Metro Jaya claimed to have prepared tens of thousands of personnel to secure the action 287.

"We anticipate the action by involving about 10 thousand personnel," said Head of Police Public Relations Metro Jaya, Police Commissioner Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono, as quoted by Viva.co.id.

Argo said it had received a notice of action. From the letter, it is estimated that the mass who will follow the action as many as 5 thousand people.

"We have done TFG (Tactical Floor Game), which means that we because there is a notice that goes to the Police of the mass about 5000 in the letter of the notice," he added.

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