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Arriving at Madinah Jamaah Hajj Direct Sick

Hajj Pilot Kloter 1 Medan Embarkation became the first group from Indonesia to arrive in the Holy Land to perform the pilgrimage.

According to information from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the pilgrims from Medan City arrived at Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport (AMAA) Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Friday (28/7) afternoon, at 11:10 local time. They landed 25 minutes ahead of schedule at 11:35 local time.

However, based on information submitted by health workers, from 389 pilgrims of Medan, two of them suffered health problems due to travel for nine hours from Kualanamu International Airport Deliserdang, to Amir Airport Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Madinah. Therefore, the two pilgrims were forced to undergo further medical treatment after undergoing examination at the airport clinic.

"One pilgrim, Mrs. DD (55), was diagnosed with hypertension and was referred to the Indonesian Haj Health Clinic (KKHI)," said Ika Nurfarida Sholeh, Kasubsi KKHI Madinah, Friday (28/7).

While one other congregation is reported to have diabetes traumatik or decreased awareness due to diabetes, namely Ny YM. The person is directly referred to Mosat Hospital, Medina.

Asked the condition of temperatures that reach 45-50 degrees Celsius, he reminded the congregation of potential disease attacks. "The lightest dry skin and cracked. Most heavy heat stroke can result in decreased consciousness until death, "he said.

Meanwhile, pilgrims who are members of Kloter 2 Embarkasi Medan began to enter Hajj Hostel, Friday (28/7). The congregation comes from Tebingtinggi there are 106 people, Serdangbedagai there are 191 people,, Tanjungbalai there are 88 people, plus 1 individual and 5 officers.

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