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Chairman MUI: Haj funds can be used if there is no element of usury

Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) stated that haj funds may be invested by the government as state organizer. However, there are two conditions if the funds are to be used.

Chairman of the MUI, KH Ma`ruf Amin said the first condition that the investment can be guaranteed security. Not only safe, but also not potentially cause losses.

"Hajj can be for investment if the work is safe, so there is no problem and legitimate," Ma'ruf said at one of the hotels in Jalan Timoho, Yogyakarta, on Saturday night.

Then, the second condition that is in accordance with the provisions of sharia. Ma`ruf tells the purpose of in accordance with the sharia ie the investment that does not contain elements of usury and other appropriate sharia.

"The funds (haj) have been placed in Islamic banks and deposited into State Sharia Securities or SBSN, and there is a governing body," said Rais `Aam of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU).

Before the haj funds are used for investment, he added, it must also have passed the approval of the haj funds managing agency. The bodies discussing and selecting use for investments of any type are permitted.

"This body will determine in general, the pilgrimage fund if it will be used for investment should be safe and according to sharia," he said.

The government previously planned to use the haj funds to invest. A number of investments are intended for toll road infrastructure to port.

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