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DEMOKRAT: The use of Haj funds for Infrastructure Development is not Appropriate

The Democrats are calling on the government to reconsider the use of haj funds for infrastructure development.

It was affirmed by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Democrat, Agus Hermanto at Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (28/7).

"This feels, I think is not right because it is the use of pilgrimage funds focused on all religious activities," said Agus.

According to him, the funds for pilgrims who still queue to depart must be returned again the benefits of its use to the pilgrims.

"(The use of funds) should provide comfort to people worship, especially hajj," he said.

If the government is willing to build infrastructure, Agus proposes that infrastructure should be related to Hajj. One example he proposed was the construction of a hotel near the Kaaba.

"I imagine if you have a hotel near the Kaaba, what a blessing," Agus said.

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