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Fahri Hamzah: President Is Clarified, Stop the Hajj Fund Polemic

President Joko Widodo who is familiarly called Jokowi has rectified the idea related to the use of haj funds to build infrastructure. Thus the polemic of Jokowi's initial statement that will use the Haj funds to build the infrastructure must be stopped.

This was confirmed by Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives, Fahri Hamzah told reporters on Monday (31/7).

"Mr. Jokowi has rectified his words, so let's end the polemic and we begin to input the proposal to the newly formed Hajj Finance Management Agency (BPKH), because there are many problems in hajj pilgrimage from upstream to downstream," Fahri said.

The proposal was submitted after seeing the phase of the imperfect preparation of the pilgrimage, ranging from the manasik that has not been maximized, especially for the first time to travel abroad, to the age of the congregation is too old for too long to save.

"Also on the downstream side, there are many problems ranging from lodging, food and health facilities to the availability is still not ideal and adequate," said Fahri who is also Chairman of Haji DRR RI team.

Beyond that, Indonesia as the biggest haj and umroh consumer in the world, added the chairman of the House of People's Welfare Coordinator (Kokesra), should not only think as a consumer, but as the organizer.

Therefore, BPKH should immediately think of the great things that the pilgrims collect for the purpose of improving the implementation of Hajj.

"And not for other purposes first, so that if there is any remaining then it can be allocated in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations," he said.

Finally Fahri mentions there is much that can be done by Indonesia if thinking as a player in haj and umrah industry. Start the service sector to Hajj products and infrastructure with a lucrative income.

"That is what should be considered now, so the result of future investment is still directed to improve the implementation of Hajj in the future, because after that the fund is a religious fund," he concluded.

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