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India Unleashes Zakir Scholars Passport Up

Zakir Naik scholars are now virtually stateless. The reason is since Wednesday (19/7/2017) Indian authorities have revoked and canceled the passport of scholars who recently came to Indonesia.

Revocation was in accordance with the proposal of the National Investigation Agency (NIA)

The decision to revoke this passport was taken by the Indian government after Zakir Naik ignored the authorities' call to undergo the hearing. He is accused of several terrorist acts.

Zakir Naik is traveling to places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and several other countries since leaving India last year.

NIA has incorporated the name Zakir Naik under surveillance in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Unlawful Acts related to numerous acts of terror. Zakir Naik who allegedly encouraged the youth to carry out acts of terror.

With the revocation of passports made by the regional office in Mumbai, Zakir Naik now has no citizenship status.

With the revocation of the passport then the space of Zakir Naik will be increasingly limited. The NIA also reportedly requested Interpol's help to issue a "red notice" against Zakir Naik.

NIA has gathered evidence that the foundations of the ulama, the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and Peace TV were used to spark religious hatred.

The Indian government has also dissolved this foundation and banned the Peace TV station to operate.

In its investigation, the NIA found 37 properties belonging to Zakir Naik and its multimillion-dollar corporations.

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