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Lawyer: Habib Rizieq Can Calm Down

Sugito Atmo Pawiro, legal counsel of the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Habib Rizieq Shihab, called his client to return home soon.

Currently, Habib Rizieq is in Saudi Arabia in addition to performing Umrah worship is also called preparing legal resistance over the case that ensnare him.

"Insha Allah before Eid al-Adha (1438 H) has returned," Sugito told reporters yesterday.

He hopes that when he goes home to Indonesia there will be no commotion or abuse from the police. Sugito welcomed the change of Kapolda Metro Jaya which was originally held by Inspector General Pol M Iriawan and will be replaced by Inspector General Idham Azis.

He hopes that Idham will prioritize dialogue with ulama, activists and students and stop all cases that ensnare clerics and activists because they are considered more politically charged than pure criminal.

"I think with the new Kapolda there is no hustle and bustle, habib returns quietly, peacefully, and the police are not provocative to understand, understand each other," he said.

Not accusing, but Sugito saw as long as Iriawan served Polda Metro Jaya atmosphere not conducive.

"It seems either made intentional and it became crowded and it was during Pak Iriawan period, hopefully after this not crowded our expectations so," he hoped.

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