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Muhammadiyah Asks the PKS to Guard the Aspiration of the Muslim Ummah

Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is asked to continue to consistently maintain and guard the aspirations of Muslims. The message was conveyed by the Chairman of the Regional Board (PW) Muhammadiyah Central Java, Tafsir when receiving the visit of the Regional Board (DPW) PKS Central Java and members of Parliament from the PKS faction, in Building Da'wah Muhamamdiyah Central Java, Jalan Singosari Raya, Semarang, yesterday.

"He conveyed that the PKS should consistently oversee the aspirations and voices of the people, one of which continues to fight for the independence of Palestine and Al-Aqsa through the struggle in parliament and government," said Chairman of DPS PKS Jateng, KH. Kamal Fauzi in his statement on Friday (28/7).

In addition to the Chairman of PW Muhammadiyah, in the meeting, the treasurer of LPPK and MPKU PW Muhamamdiyah Jateng, Masrukhi also advised that PKS should always be with Muslims in fighting for aspirations, including in the national issue that occurred.

"We are happy that PKS, together with the National Mandate Party (PAN), Gerindra Party and the Democratic Party are consistent in bringing the aspirations of Muslims, including the rejection of the Public Order Regulation to the issue of the presidential threshold," said the Rector of Muhammadiyah University (Unimus) of Semarang.

Masrukhi also hopes that PKS cadres who are sitting in parliament will continue to struggle to improve the condition of the nation and the country that is suffered by various hot issues at this time.

"I urge the militancy of PKS cadres to stay awake, let alone energy for this nation is needed from the pro-Muslim party," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Parliament Jateng Ahmadi expressed his appreciation to Muhamamdiyah who entrusted the Muslim vote to PKS.

"We are sorry if we can stay in touch, and we thank the elders of dakwah in Muhamamdiyah for their belief, please pray for us in parliament to be given ease in fighting, especially in guarding and guarding the people's voice," Ahmadi said.

In the meeting, Muhammadiyah members attended the Chairman of PW Muhammadiyah Jateng Tafsir, Vice Chairman of LBMH and LPP Pontren Suparman Syukur, Vice Chairman of the Assembly of Economy and Entrepreneurship and Institution Hikmah Rosihan, Vice Chairman of the Assembly of Tabligh Assembly and MPM Ali Muhson.

Then also the Vice Chairman of the Assembly Wakaf and Kehartabendaan Musman Tholib, Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Java Bisyron Mukhtar and the treasurer of LPPK and MPKU Masrukhi.

While from the elements of PKS present Chairman of DPS PKS Jateng KH. Kamal Fauzi, DPW General Secretary Ikhsan Mustofa, Vice Chairman of Parliament of Central Java Ahmadi, Chairman of Central Java PKS faction Muhammad Rodhi, member of Parliament F-PKS Jateng Rusman and Karsono.

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