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Pursuing Habieb Rizieq and the Behavior of the Durjana

WHO is the most popular and influential figure in Indonesia since October 2016 to date? The answer: Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS). There is a great and extraordinary fear of various parties if its popularity and influence are allowed to continue to grow and make it the de facto leader of various public policies in Indonesia.

That's the main reason why he desperately needs to be imprisoned in any possible ways, including the slander of a cheap sex video. Various attempts were made with the aim of demoralizing so that the level of public confidence in the HRS could decrease as much as possible.

Which power does not vibrate to see this HRS figure? There is no power in Indonesia today that can invite millions of people gathered in Monas from all corners of the country, without needing to be sold. Which fulfilled the call of HRS invitation not only did not need to be paid, even volunteered to contribute to the activities of the Islamic Defense Action went well.

In fact there is a basic misunderstanding here. Indeed, the presence of Muslims in the Islamic Defense Action is not solely because of the credibility of HRS. But there is an extraordinary call of faith from Muslims who proudly call themselves Alumni 212. This mob never calls itself the HRS Army or Laskar FPI or GNPF Warriors, they declare themselves to be Alumni 212.

Criminalization of HRS, Ustadz Bachtiar Nasir, Ustadz Adnin Armas and others, is nothing more than a demoralized effort. Attempts to destroy the figures heard by Muslims or Alumni 212. The directions of these figures are so heard by the people. Requested to move to Jakarta obediently, requested a demo with orderly obedience, was asked to keep the cleanliness obedient, told to break up obediently. This obedience is so terrible in the eyes of various parties.

Intinya apa? Semua pihak yang mendukung upaya melumpuhkan kekuatan umat Islam dalam Aksi Bela Islam sangat khawatir jika keberadaan mereka akan segera tersingkirkan, jika gerakan moral ini tidak bisa dihancurkan atau dipecahbelah. Mereka coba bersiasat dengan memutarbalik fakta dengan mengatakan silent majority tidak suka dengan gerakan moral ini. Padahal faktanya mereka tahu persis justru silent majority sangat mendukung gerakan moral ini. Pilkada Jakarta sudah menjadi fakta tentang kemana sikap silent majority.

They worry if not only in Jakarta alone support 58 percent of that, but all over Indonesia! If 58 percent of Indonesians or more support the moral movement of 212, then it is certain that criminal proceedings will soon disappear in this country. This is being demoralized by various interests. In order for Indonesian Muslims do not return to the full teaching of the Quran and Sunnah. The vibrations of their faith are so worrisome to the wicked.

The accusation of radicalism is a false accusation. No party or building or facility is destroyed by the Islamic Defense Action. All Islamic Defense Action is peaceful. All goes in compliance that Muslims are a blessing to Indonesia, not as anarchy movements that create anxiety in the public sphere. The accusation of radicalism is simply an attempt to make this moral movement unpopular.

The wicked thinks they can work smartly, but in fact God is as clever as a tactician. Allah is the one who turns the hearts of Indonesian Muslims. Not Habib Rizieq Shihab. HRS can be imprisoned, but the faith of Indonesian Muslims will never be imprisoned.

The writer is an alumnus of ITB, a former student activist, a national political observer

Source: RMOL

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