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Solo Muslims Call for Boycott of Israeli Products

Solo Muslims represented by Pemuda Kliwon Pemuda Palestine (P4) threatened to boycott Israeli and pro-Jewish state products in the case of Al Aqsa mosque.

"There should be a congruous step to teach the Israelis who are shooting at Al-Aqsa mosque, we have data on a number of Israeli and Western products companies exporting their products to Indonesia, Muslims must boycott Israeli and Israeli supporters," said Field Coordinator (Korlap) P4 A Farid Umar Assegaf SH during the Al-Aqsa Defense Action in Gladhag, Solo, Friday (28/07/2017).

The Al-Aqsa Bela Action begins with Friday prayers at the Assegaf Mosque, Pasar Kliwon, Solo.

After Friday prayers, the masses from various elements of the Islamic organization to the heart of Solo Gladhag. A convoy of commandos equipped with loudspeakers along the road condemns Israel and the Americans considered helping Israel.

"We also do not believe the United Nations (UN) is not fair to the Palestinians, until Israel did something against the people of Palestine," said Farid Umar Assegaf SH accompanied by secretary P4 Husein Ahmad Assegaf.

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