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This is the Venerable Answers of the Muslim Doctor

Appeared on Kick Andi, making a netizen whose heart is spiteful and full of hatred with Islam and his teachings are inflamed. One of them named Wei Young who spilled his hatred in the social media comment field of Andi's kick event. This hatred he ignores the figure of Ferihana, a veiled doctor who gives free service to the poor.

This man wrote: It does not look at SARA but shows itself as being a 'DIFFERENT' & 'MORE BEAKHLAK man than anyone else who wears a provocative outfit. Moreover, the demands of your profession as a doctor is to serve the society with a diverse budya, is it worth it and deserves to dress like that even in the name of your RELIGION ...? Is not the openness in conveying information to the patient with a face minus and a clear-spoken word from the Doctor also is something really the right of the patient to at least get the assurance and empathy of the human seonag to other humans? As a physician and human you really MAKE IT and MISS.

The vile words are answered with polite by doctor Ferihana with polite as below:

Good day Mr. Wei Young (hadakallah)

Responding to your comments about me on the page Kick Andy Show, I need to say

The first,

In my religion, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught to always love others. In fact, the Prophet spared his relatives and neighbors who were not Muslims, be they Jews and Christians. And it is written in the verse and hadeeth saheeh that there is no doubt about the truth. This is what I always apply in my attitude to society

The second,

I understand you have different beliefs and races with me, but I advise you to learn to make good comments and not to discredit and demean other religions. My clothes are not a provocation clothing but so is my religious teaching, which is the sunnah of our glorious Prophet

Father needs to know, I was once in charge of doing health services at Christian school, there are nuns and all students are different faith with me, but alhamdulillah I still put forward the best service

And alhamdulillah, has been proven by the surrounding community as well from patients from distant places, that I have never and never distinguish ministry in religion, tribe, race, sex and so on.

You also need to know that what I do is acknowledged by my non-Muslim friends, and they praise and love me because I have never once distinguished them

The third,

I am a doctor bound by a profession oath. So we are prohibited to distinguish services because of gender, ethnicity, religion and race. During this time I am grateful, that the attendees at my clinic are many from non-Muslims and ethnic Chinese. They hug me and are happy to receive service from me and the team. We just treat different beliefs with us, with the best service.

The fourth,

Empathy is not judged by clothing, but from the tangible proof of our love and service to society. Father needs to know the free groceries that are distributed in our clinic, we also give them non-Muslims who can not afford and this has been running for so many years

The last one is Mr. Wei Young,

Let us take care of our oral and writing. Our verbal and our writing is a reflection of what our hearts are. If what comes out through oral and written is good, then that is a good reflection of our heart. And vice versa

Hopefully this article useful for you

Doctor Ferihana

Dr. Ummu Sulaym Ferihana Zaujatu Yoebal


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