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2 Pilgrims Hajj Kloter 5 Failed to Go to the Holy Land

Two Hajj pilgrims in Hajj Dormitory Pondok Gede failed to depart to the holy land due to illness he suffered.

"There is a pilgrim pilgrim kloter 5 from Banten named Soerip Kliwon Wirokaryo, he suffered from dementia that is the decline in brain power and mental so will not be dispatched this year and his family also approved," said Secretary PPIH Jakarta Pondok Gede Emperor, Sadirin, Wednesday / 7).

"One more person has recurrent asthma disease, until now still being treated in Haji Hospital, later if it is healed we leave in the next kloter," he added.

Sadirin explained until Tuesday, (1/8) Embarkation Hajj Dormitory Pondok Gede has dispatched a total of 3,147 pilgrims coming from three Provinces namely DKI Jakarta, Banten and Lampung.

Source: Dakta Radio

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