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Aceh Incentive Promotion in Bali

Education Development Team of Tourism and Culture Promotion of Nusantara (P3PKN) of Nangro Aceh Darussalam province continues to move fast. After performing Art Performances under the title Tun Sri Lanang History Adhesives Two Nations, July 20, 2017 at Sapta Enchantment Building Ministry of Tourism RI Balairung Soesila Soedarman, this team directly design the agenda of continued promotion.

Chairman of the Art Pagelaran Committee as well as Chairman of P3PKN Ridwan MD asserted that it has prepared the activity of Tourism Promotion and Culture of Aceh in Bali entitled Pesona Aceh in Bali 2018. "This promotion will be held for three days in April 2018 at Discovery Mall Bali," said Ridwan MD, Monday (31/7) in Yogya.

Ridwan explained, the promotional activities in Bali will be held Potential Exhibition of Aceh, Aceh Culinary, Cultural Performance of Aceh, Competition and Workshop Batik Motif Aceh and Talkshow History of Aceh.

All of this follow up the inputs during the event at Sapta Pesona Building, 20/7, then. Prior to theatrical monologue, an interactive talkshow was held with the theme "The Past is a Future Asset". Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development of Nusantara Esthy Reko Astuty M.Si in his speech when opening a talk show hoping that tourism promotion event and Aceh culture can be implemented outside Aceh. Such as Bali, Jogja, Lombok to foreign countries.

Promotion of Enchantment Aceh in Bali 2018, according to Ridwan, is an active step P3PKN in line with the input of Deputy Tourism Marketing Development of the archipelago. Therefore, it is expected that all districts / cities in Aceh numbering 23 can play an active role in this promotional activity.

In addition, P3PKN also prepared a road show of Acehnese art and history performance in several cities of Malay clan and city with similar characteristics to Aceh. These cities are Pontianak, Riau, Padang and Lombok. The Roadshow begins in February 2018.

Aceh history packed in theatrical monologues as played in Gedung Sapta Pesona Kemenpar is played by Sanggar Rampoe UGM and Gita Seurune. The title "Tun Sri Lanang History Adhesives Two Nations" was taken because of the important role of Tun Sri Lanang in Aceh history.

Tun Sri Lanang is one of the kings in Aceh precisely in Samalanga, Bireun during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda who came from Pahang, Malaysia. In 1613 after Sultan Iskandar Muda seized Malacca from the Portuguese, all Pahang aristocrats and their subjects were taken to Samalanga, Aceh.

Tun Sri Lanang other than a poet, cultural also statesman. He has a work in the form of Salalatuss Salatin. Sultan Iskandar Muda appoints him as King of the First Samalanga Kingdom after experiencing various processes.

Until now, historical evidence of Tun Sri Lanang relics still exist in Samalanga in the form of Palace (Rumoh Krueng), tombs, relics of objects such as Siwah and other historical objects are still standing and stored well. Historical relics were treated by the descendants of Tun Sri Lanang the 8th is Dato 'Hj. Pocut Haslinda Syahrul.

During the event at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, the event was opened by the Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development of Nusantara Dra. Esthy Reko Astuti, M.Si. At that time also attended the Chairman of Commission X of the House of Representatives T. Riefky Harsya, Vice Governor of Aceh Ir. Nova Iriansyah, MT and Family of Tun Sri Lanang Descendants.

The guests who attended were Forum Silaturrahmi Keraton Se-Nusantara (FSKN), Association of Aceh-Jakarta Community, Students and Students in Jakarta, Turkish Ambassador, and other public.

Prior to the theatrical monologue staging presented the Talkshow History of Aceh with the theme of the Past is a Future Asset with Resources Muhammad Nazar, S.Ag (Vice Governor 2007-2012), AB Sadewa (Panorama Tour & Travel) and Dato 'Hj. Pocut Haslinda Syahrul (Tun Sri Lanang's 8th Birth).

The conclusion of the Talkshow Aceh has a wealth of tourism potential, such as culture, nature, sites and historical heritage, religious tourism, culinary that can be an asset of the tourism industry as one of the pillars of the economy.

To that end Local Government can establish cooperation with the Central Government, Stakeholders and all components of the community can work together to build the region through tourism by utilizing existing assets.

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