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Baznas Sumedang Earn Three Awards

Thanks to the good performance and has brilliant achievements, National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) Sumedang District, won three trophies at once. The award was received in Baznas Award 2017 held by Baznas center on Jalan MH Thamrin Number 6 Central Jakarta.

Activities that take the theme of Zakat For Indonesia is in order to enliven Indonesia's 72nd Independence. A number of competitions are held among Baznas Award 2017, Board Game Zakat competition, Zakat Speech contest, Zakat Vlogging and Jingle and Mars Zakat competitions.

"Alhamdulillah, thanks to the hard work and support from all parties, we successfully won three trophy championships, the special award Baznas Award 2017 in the category of Regional Head Supporting the Resurrection of Zakat. As well as a representative of West Java, "said the head of Sumedang Baznas District H Ali Bazji via cellular, today.

In addition, Ali said, his side also won first place in Zakat Board Game contest and second winner of Zakat Speech Contest. "Baznas Sumedang is nominated for Baznas Award 2017 from 400 baznas district / city participants all over Indonesia," he added.

By earning these awards, it becomes a pride as well as a motivation to continue to improve the services of zakat, infaq and alms that are transparent and professional safe. "This is evident, Baznas Sumedang District gets full support from various elements of society, government agencies and religious leaders. Our synergy relationship has been good, "he said.

He hopes that the good relations that have been established must be maintained and sustainable. "For the welfare of poor people to advance and through the empowerment of zakat, and the awakening of zakat in Sumedang regency.

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