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Demiz Suggests Muslims Saves to choose Sharia Bank

Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, attended the 25th anniversary of the 25th anniversary and inaugurated the new building of the People's Financing Bank (BPR) Syahah Amanah Ummah in Leuwiliang Bogor Regency, Monday (7/8/2017).

"On behalf of West Java Provincial Government I congratulate milad to BPRS Amanah Ummah and appreciation for the presence of this new head office," said Deddy Mizwar in front of the invitees.

Demiz hopes that BRPS Amanah Ummah will be more advanced and Islamic financial services sector has a bigger share in the empowerment of people and the economy of the country.

"Indonesia should be the leader in sharia banking especially the majority of the population is Muslim," he said.

On that occasion, Deddy encouraged sharia banks to continue to innovate in order to compete with conventional banks. For example the problem of administrative costs, how can be done because of innovation so far impressed administrative burden is more expensive than conventional banks.

Nevertheless, Deddy said, Muslims are encouraged to choose Islamic banks, "Even if it is more expensive a little bit nothing, the important blessings," he added.

He believes, everyone wants to be safe and comfortable to connect with sharia banks. "Because the sought is a blessing not just a matter of material," said Deddy.

In addition to Vice Governor of West Java, the event was attended by a number of scholars such as Chairman of the Central MUI KH Ma'ruf Amin, Sharia Supervisory Board of BPRS Amanah Ummah KH Didin Hafidhuddin, KH Qodamul Qudus, KH Abbas Hall and others.

In addition to scholars, there were also a number of regional leaders such as Bupati Bogor Nurhayati, Bogor Regency DPRD Chairman Ade Rohendi, Vice Chairman of Bogor Regency DPRD Ade Yasin and a number of Bogor highway officials.

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