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Emir of Qatar says his country is now stronger

Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani calls his country stronger after being boycotted, and ready to cope with the Gulf crisis through dialogue without dictation and intervention of Qatar's internal sovereignty and affairs.

He disclosed that his country is getting stronger after boycotted by Saudi Arabia, UAE (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt since June 2017.

"Qatar for us and everyone in June 2017 is different from Qatar before. We have a history we are proud of and flatter, but what happened in June 2017 has strengthened and encouraged us to do more for the benefit of this country, "he said, as quoted by QNA news agency.

He further reiterated what he once asserted earlier on June 21 on Qatar's readiness to dialogue with Arab countries that boycotted it.

"The Qatari government is ready to resolve the Gulf crisis through dialogue, and if indeed there is an effort to reach an agreement then this agreement should include all parties without dictation and intervention on the national and internal affairs of any country," he said.

As Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar after they accused Doha of sponsoring terrorism, but Doha strongly dismissed the allegations.

On June 22, the four countries handed out 13 demands, including the closing of Al-Jazeera TV station, but Qatar rejects it flatly while calling it "unrealistic."

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