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Fahri Hamzah: Leaders Fail to Use Religion as a Black Goat

Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives, Fahri Hamzah stated that religion will be made a scapegoat by a leader if he knows that what he did not achieve the results properly. Even issues that should not grow warm if the leader fails to understand his beliefs.

"Religion, is the scapegoat of the failure of poor political leaders of achievement.The allegations of religious intolerance do not come from fellow followers of religion.

Failure to manage harmony then religion is labeled as a source of intolerance. Religion is centuries old. Has proven the tolerance of all time, "he said, on his social media account, his personal Twitter on Sunday (20/8/2017), with hastag #ToleransiKita.

Even according to Fahri, the war is not because of differences in religion itself, but caused by politicians. Nevertheless, ambitions and disputes develop in politics but religion comes to divide, as well as to extinguish it.

"Even in the war, the religion that comes with ethics and morals before it becomes a convention of political leaders For ambitious politicians, in their war killing women, children and innocent civilians."

In religion, the PKS cadres continue, stating that in religion, war is not a process of mutual shedding blood. But putting justice on both.

"There is no war until injustice is rampant and the fallen victim is everywhere, and in religion, life is not human, it belongs to God Almighty, it must not be spilled by political ambition." (R / MCA)

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