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KUA Jogjakarta supports interfaith harmony activities

MuslimsPost.Com | Maintaining harmony among religious believers is important, as the implementation of each religion teaches fraternal values. In order for harmony to be maintained and run harmoniously then religious leaders should convey about the importance of religious tolerance in daily life to each of its people.

"Do not let the religious leaders spread the hate speech that could interfere with interfaith harmony," said Head of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Nanggulan, Fariq Nur Rokhim, as a speaker at the Interfaith Fellowship Meeting in the hall Sanjaya High School, Compound Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary Disgraceful, Nanggulan, Sunday (27/8).

In addition to Fariq Nur Rokhim, the workshop held by the Immaculate Conception Church of Santa Maria and followed by participants from different religions also featured local church pastor Rev. Thomas Wijayanto and Head of Kulonprogo Cultural Office Drs Untung Waluyo.

From the perspective of Islam, Fariq conveyed, in an effort to maintain harmony between religious believers should really refer to the attitude of the Prophet Muhammad who forbade his people to hate non-Muslims.

"Moreover, to kill the Christians for no apparent reason then according to the warning conveyed by the Prophet it is not justified and concerned or the killer will go to hell," he said.

Meanwhile, from the KUA position, Fariq asserted, KUA should also support activities aimed at attaching harmony between religious believers according to the Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kakanwil Kemenag) DIY.

"KUA should be able to become a facilitator of harmonization between people of religion as well as able menemantahkan Islam rahmatan lil alamin in teaching" memayu hayuning bawana "," he said.

Reverend Thomas Wijayanto said the attitude of religious adherence is very influential on the maintenance of the unity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Therefore every religious believer should continue to develop an attitude of tolerance.

Moreover, he added, everyone is born with the bonds of both tribe, religion, family, political parties and other ties. (**)

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