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Pedri Kasman: Saracen Case by design to Cover Other Cases

The disclosure of the Saracen group, which allegedly spread Hoax and provocate SARA issues in social media, reinforced the alleged Muhammadiyah youth that today, the issue of SARA is deliberately maintained.

"Nowadays it seems that the issue of SARA is maintained, of course there is an interest to close other issues, I see it like that," said Muhammadiyah Youth Secretary Pedri Kasman in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/08).

Furthermore, Pedri revealed that the maintenance of this SARA case has been since the end of the blasphemy case committed by the former governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok.

"The intellectual actor should be captured and processed, not just in the field. Since the Ahok case, the issue of SARA continues to be maintained, whereas Ahok's case is not a SARA issue, but rather for justice enforcement, "he said.

However, the issue of SARA denounced by Ahok and the momentum continues to be echoed and preserved.

"Yet the issue of SARA is a sensitive issue and it is easy to invite public anger," he said.

Therefore, he saw cases like Saracen and provocation that offended SARA is indeed by design and there are efforts to cover more important issues.

"I see this as by design, to cover up issues that are actually more important, such as economic issues, which should be public attention, then covered by SARA issues," he said.

He also mentioned that our society is not likely to pay attention to the economic condition of Indonesia.

"For example yesterday about the issue of salt prices and electricity tariffs are not too noisy, so that continues to dikompori is the issue of SARA that continues to be contrived to provoke people's emotions," he said.

"This is a diversion of issues," Pedri stressed.

"The issue of SARA is indeed maintained because it is to answer this allegation, so this assumption can be refuted, then the police must arrest the intellectual actor," he said.

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