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Rohingya Crisis: Baby is also Myanmar Military Target

The Myanmar military shoots indiscriminately, targeting everything that moves, including women and children. Even babies. Demikan was revealed by a witness of the Rohingya Muslim massacre in Maungdaw.

"Government forces shoot everything that moves and accuse them of carrying out an arson attack. Women and children were among the dead. Even the baby was not spared, "he said as quoted Al-Jazeera site.

Myanmar's military operations not only target armed men. Civilians from the Rohingya Muslim ethnic group were targeted in three days of clashes that left 104 dead.

Thousands of Rohingyas then attempted to flee and cross the border into Bangladesh. But the border guards refused them, so many of them became displaced refugees.

Rohingyas were denied citizenship in Myanmar and classified as illegal immigrants. Despite having settled in the country for centuries. They become marginalized societies and occasionally experience communal violence.

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