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Santri NU Shouts Kill Minister, KPAI Lift Talk

A video of a suspected participant from NU students circulated in social media. In the video, the mostly teenage santri chanted the death threat to the minister.

The video was allegedly a response to Permendikbud 23/2017's rejection of Full Day School School Day (FDS).

A number of parties are concerned about the action, including the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI)

KPAI vice chairman Rita Pranawati said the rallies conducted by the santri were overreaching with threatening words.

"Demonstrations that contain the threat is very regrettable. Because there is a sentence, 'kill, kill his minister, kill his ministers right now'. That's not very good. We prevent children from the world of violence, "said Vice Chairman of KPAI, Rita Pranawati in Jakarta, Monday (14/8).

As is known, the action was recorded in a video. In the virtual world, the video is suddenly viral.

Rita explained, the demonstration that contains the threat is done in the public space. The impact is very wide. Especially recorded video that can be watched by anyone, including children.

"Not to mention the other kids who watched the video. Public spaces should be a place of learning for anyone including children. While the video was not very educational. We hope this video is not spelled out again, "said Rita.

According to Rita, the involvement of children in the demonstration needs to be reconsidered because it is prone to social conflicts that are unsafe and unfriendly for children.

According to him, children can be directed to convey aspirations in good ways. Because there are many ways to convey aspirations.

"Aspirations can be directed to be delivered in a child's forum or in child-friendly discussions, or deliver directly to the local parliament or local government. It can be heard his opinion, "beber Rita. (fajar)

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