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Saracen case, MUI: The act of the suspect is not justified by sharia

MuslimsPost.Com | The Indonesian Ulema Council gave an appreciation to the Police who had successfully arrested three suspects related to the saracen syndicate case spreading hate speech or hate-speech and SARA.

Vice Chairman of the MUI, Zainut Tauhid Sa'adi in its release Monday (28/8) explained that saracen syndicate is a group that is suspected of spreading hate speech in social media by making propaganda in social media through hateful and SARA memes.

"Then the memes are spread to new groups made by the suspect," he said.

The act of the suspect in addition to contradictory to the positive law, he said also not justified by sharia and haram the law. This is in accordance with the Fatwa MUI No. 24 of 2017 on Law and Guidance Bermuamalah through Social Media.

In the MUI Fatwa it is mentioned that every Muslim who bersmuamalah through social media is forbidden to do a grant (talking about the ugliness or disgrace of others), slander, namimah (lamb), and the spread of hostilities.

MUI also forbid the action of bullying, hate speech and animosity based on tribe, religion, race or intergroup.

Haram also for Muslims who spread hoaks and lying information though with good intentions, let alone with evil intentions.

MUI also prohibits the activities of producing, distributing and / or making accessible content or incorrect information to the public.

In addition, buzzer activity such as saracen groups in social media that provide information containing hoax, gibah, slander, namimah, bullying, disgrace, gossip and other similar things as profession to gain profit, both economic and non-economic, the law is haram.

Likewise, people who order, support, help, utilize services and people who facilitate it.

With the arrest of three suspected saracens, MUI asked law enforcement officials to thoroughly investigate the entire network, including its funders.

MUI asked the perpetrators and funders to be given severe punishment to give them a deterrent effect.


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