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Sculpture Chinese god Kong Kong Co Kwan Sing Tee Koen Standing Magnificent in Tuban

Warganet lately stirred with the statue of the god Kong Kong Kwan Sing Tee Koen in the temple of Kwan Sing Bio, Tuban as high as 30 meters. However, the construction of the sculpture has not pocketed Building Construction Permit (IMB). Thus, making netizens restless.

One that criticizes the construction of the statue is a former HTI spokesman, Ismail Yusanto. He deplored the development because it was unlicensed but kept safe. While those who already have a license even revoked, such as SMP IT in Sidoarjo, East Java some time ago.

"Meikarta without permission. Reclamation, North Sulawesi cement plant, unauthorized Tuban statue - all safe. Yg sdh licensed even revoked. Situ sane? "He wrote on his Twitter account.

Similar comments were also expressed by Tengku Zulkarnain. He said that Islamic schools were rejected in East Java while the statue of the god Kwan Sing Tee stood majestically in the city's guardian.

"School of Islam Rejected in East Java, But Statue of God Kwan Sing Tee Standing Magnificent 30.4 M, in Tuban, East Java. LGBT Dpt AWARD, NATURAL WARNED., "Twettnya, Thursday, July 3, 2017.

Last comment from Kirenia, he questioned the existence of NU which rejected the establishment of SMP IT in Sidoarjo because not sepahahan with NU. However, there was no sound when there was the establishment of a Chinese statue in Tuban.

"Kmna NU citizen when there is Establishment of Chinese Statue in Tuban? # Hey2, Establishment of SMP IT in Sidoarjo Rejected Hundreds of NU Residents, "he wrote. (MCA)

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