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The Case of Statue Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen Increasingly Wild

In recent weeks, the existence of the Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen statue in Tri Dharma Kwan Sing Bio, Tuban, East Java became the hot topic of conversation and triggered the pros cons in social media.

Statue of God as high as 30.4 meters is actually already inaugurated mid-July by Chairman of the Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan and no problem whatsoever. Cons of new pros arise later when the statue is claimed as the highest sculpture in Southeast Asia with development costs worth Rp. 2.5 billion is viral in social media.

Former General Chairman of the Indonesian Buddhist Generation (Gemabudhi), Lieus Sungkharisma admits that the pros and cons of the statue are getting hotter when a number of uploads in social media link the existence of the statue with the name of national hero and the sovereignty of NKRI. There is also a call standing in the middle of the square of the city of Tuban.

A number of mass organizations in East Java such as FKPPI, PPM, Pemuda Pancasila, Kokam, even took action and ultimatum so that within 7 x 24 hours the statue of Lord Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen is torn down.

"The public immediately reacted when it does not know clearly sit because," said Lieus told reporters on Tuesday (8/8).

Controversy related to the establishment of the Goddess Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen in the Tri Dharma Kwan Sing Bio Tuban worship complex was criticized by Lieus.

According to him, the controversy should not have happened if only the administrators of Kwan Sing Bio Temple were able to be wise and wise by prioritizing the interest of the people rather than personal interests.

"This problem is actually triggered by internal management issues within Kwan Sing Bio's own temple," he said.

According to Lieus, there is one of the board or executive who is always opposed to the policy of the other board, then dismissed from the stewardship but the person is against by making various scenarios.

"One of them is by spreading false information about the statue of Lord Kong Co Kwan Sing Tee Koen this," he said.

Since 2013 to this day, Lieus added, the internal management-related conflict in Kwan Sing Bio's temple has not ended.

"As a result, now the victims are even statue of Lord Kong Kong Kwan Sing Tee Koen highly respected Buddhists," he said.

In fact, clearly Lieus, the statue is not a statue of the Chinese War Commander. The statue is a statue of Lord Kong Kong Kwan Sing Tee Koen who is one of the most respected god and worshiped by Buddhists.

"As a follower of Tridharma, I myself am a worshiper and worshiper of the God of Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen." In order to know, in court cases, Buddhists are even sworn in front of the Kwan Kong picture, "he added.

Lieus also regretted the existence of a number of organizations such as FKPPI, Pemuda Pancasila, Kokam and PPM which in fact is the Gemabudhi arms organization, actually participate react negatively to the existence of the statue without first clarifying the information they receive.

Lieus hopes friends of CSOs are not involved in the internal conflicts at Tridharma Kwan Sing Bio temple. The urge to demolish the Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen Statue in Tri Dharma Kwan Sing Bio's Worship Complex compounded Lieus by tearing down Buddhist beliefs on the gods he trusted.

"So, I think let the internal conflict in this temple Kwan Sing Bio resolved internally by us, among Buddhists themselves," he said.

Moreover, added Lieus, Chairman of MUI Tuban, KH Abdul Matin already explained that the existence of the Dewa Kongco Kwan Sing Tee Koen in the Tri Dharma Kwan Sing Bio Tuban worship complex has nothing to do with SARA or the sovereignty of NKRI.

"Even if there are issues concerning administration only. Related to licensing, "said Lieus mimicked the statement of Chairman of MUI Tuban.

Besides, Lieus added, though tall, the statue was not visible from outside the compound of worship. Lieus asserts, Kong Co Kwan Sing Tee Koen is not a warlord, but is a God of Justice because there are two words that have a faithful and wise meaning attached to the statue.

"For Tridharma Buddhists, the glorious Statue of Kong Co Kwan Sing Tee Koen is a symbol of Justice, Wisdom and Courage," he explained.

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