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The Story of a Successful Poor Widow Up the Hajj

Although only working as a scavenger, the ideal of Mbah Murip (70) to perform the pilgrimage finally granted. To realize these ideals, Bulubrangsi Village residents, District Laren, Lamongan regency, this must live a bitter life for decades.

"I set aside the money of Rp 20-50 thousand for tens of years, the money from the sale of garbage.Alhamdulillah, can save little by little," said Murip mbah, when met at Hajj Dormitory Embarkation Surabaya (AHES), Jalan Sukolilo, Surabaya.

Mbah Murip said, the desire to be able to fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam, has existed since 30 years ago.

"Since then I started saving money from collecting garbage," he said.

When his money collected Rp 1 million, Murip's mbah then entrusted to his best friend. In 2010, Murip managed to raise Rp 20 million.

"The money I use for the list of hajj fare (ONH)," said the widow of 70 years.

Then in 2011, the widow of four children continue to try to earn the rupiah. In addition to being a scavenger, Murip mba also nyambi as a masseur.

"Alhamdulillah, I can collect money Rp20 to Rp50 thousand per day to leave the pilgrimage," he said.

In everyday life, Mbah Murip lives in simplicity. He ate only a vegetable vegetables.

"I was often assisted by the neighboring neighbors given money to buy food, but if my bargain enough to eat cassava leaves, do not use fish," he said.

The simplicity and the hard life of Murip did not necessarily eliminate his concern for others.

"Alhamdulillah fortune is always there, I work as a scavenger, and massage money, I will also give money to orphans and poor people," he said.

Not much hope Mbah Murip when performing the pilgrimage. He just wants his sins forgiven by God.

"I will also pray for my children to be children of sholih and can haji later," said Murip mbah who departed at kloter 18 through Embarkasi Surabaya.

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