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Ustaz Al Khaththath Leads the Shubuh Prayer Movement

Secretary General of the Islamic Ummah Forum KH Muhammad Al Khaththath agreed to be Chairman of the Indonesian Movement of Fajr Prayer (GISS) together.

"We are excited about the GISS. This is what we've been waiting for. Mobilize nationals nationally to pray at dawn in congregation mosque. Insha Allah Indonesia blessing, "said KH Abah Roud Bahar, while counseling a number of figures Jabodetabek Islamic movement after dawn prayers in congregation Az Zikra Sentul Bogor led by Ustadz Arifin Ilham, Saturday morning (05/08/2017).

"In order for GISS to run massively in all regions, then we need a national level board. The duty of the administrators to invite all people to pray at dawn in congregation in the mosque and coordinate with mosques and Muslims in various areas, "added Abah Roud.

According to him, because the GISS initiator is Al Khaththath as a result of contemplation for 3 months 13 days of detention, then the figure of the activator of ABI (Action Bela Islam) is agreed to become Chairman of GISS.

The meeting also agreed on the Chairman of Parmusi (Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood) H Usama Hisham as GISS General Secretary. Usama is the Coordinator of the Action SC 313. Beginning in October 2016 Parmusi has launched the Prayer Movement of Subuh Bersama at Al Azhar Mosque, Jakarta. As Vice Chairman of GISS appointed Ustadz Ansufri Idrus Sambo, former Chairman of Alumni 212.

"The composition of the board will still be perfected," Khaththath said, assuring that the birth of GISS has received the blessings of senior scholars.

Here is a list of GISS boarders that have been established:


Hb. Rizieq, KH. Abdul Rasyid AS, KH. Cholil Ridwan, KH. M Husni Tamrin, KH. Abah Roud Bahar, KH. Arifin Ilham, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Drs. H. Tb. Ampi Tanujiwa SH. MSc. MBA

Chairman: KH. Muhammad Al Khaththath
Vice Chairman: Ustadz Ansufri Idrus Sambo
General Secretary: H. Usamah Hisham
General Flag: H. Subarkah
Commander of GISS Task Force: Hasri Harahap
Humas: Bernard Abdul Jabbar
External Bureau: Bukhori Muslim


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