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When God Examines Us, What Should Be Done?

Life in this world is full of exams. Treasure is a test. Child is also a test. Parents are exams.

No treasure is a test. Loaded with treasures is also a test. Having a child is a test. No children nor exams. Righteous child is a test. Children are not too good exams.

Noah's prophet was tested with a rebellious child. Prophet Ibrahim was tested with a pagan father. Prophet Lut was tested with a rebellious wife. Solomon was tested with power. The Ayyub prophet was tested with illness. The prophet Yahya was tested with murder.

The prophets were tested and graduated, even though their tests were heavy. While many people are tested with similar tests or lighter but do not pass.

Pharaoh was tested with power but did not pass. Qarun was tested with treasure but did not pass. Bal'am bin Baura was tested with no praise.

So, do not ask for an exam. But ask taufiq and hidayah in order to pass the test until the end of life.

By: Danang Kuncoro Wicaksono

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