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You Not Afraid? I'm Just Fearing Allah SWT

You Not Afraid? I'm Just Fearing Allah SWT

By: Tjahja Gunawan

In the late 1980s, my name was already on the list of people who were "targeted" by the authorities at Bakorstanasda West Java Office Jl Sumatera Bandung. In fact, my activities just participate so participants (listeners) various activities of book surgery.

Of course, at that time, book-keeping activities organized by some students were regarded as "political activities". Always eat there always "cepu" (Intel). And unfortunately that ngintelin the activists are unscrupulous students themselves.

Finally in 1990, I was able to identify the person who worked as the cepu. He is a student who is also studying at FISIP a public university in JL Dipatiukur. I can know his face because during the events of the book he was always present and at the trial session of ITB students in the 1990s, he also often hanging out at the District Court of JL Riau Bandung.

I can know my name is registered in Bakorstanasda West Java Office, after meeting with Sergeant Iin who is a real Intel. Not an informant with the title cepu like the student above. Alhamdulillah, I can meet with sergeant in a "pengajian life of nationality" around JL Otista Bandung.

Initially the Sergeant was intimidating almost every night of activity at a house in JL Otista. The reason, who came to the house was a variety of people and with different backgrounds, ranging from students, couples, merchants, until the active soldiers who became officials in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

After knowing the activities of "night chats" in a house at JL Otista, the Sergeant from Bakorstanasda Jabar was no longer watching us from a distance but actively involved in the discussion together.

The sergeant from Cimahi was finally learned that the activities "Chatter of the Night" is not a makar activity but instead learn together about the way Muslims Build and Love This Country.

Because I often met with Sergeant Iin, at that time I was able to lend autobiography book "Spy Cacther". This book was written by Peter Wright, Former Assistant Director of M15. A respected British intelligence organization.

On various occasions, Sergeant Iin once told how Intel works professionally. Different with Intel Malay that we often see from troops "Brown Potato".

Sergeant Iin also told his experience on the field when he was assigned to East Timor before being released from NKRI. He also told of his fellow soldiers who were assigned to Operation Peter in the era of ABRI Commander Jend LB Moerdani.

Sergeant Iin told, his colleague who became the executor of fighting thugs in Operation Peter, finally disturbed kejiwaanya. "There is a man who has the heart to kill humans (thugs) in a heinous way," said Iin at that time. But that was Benny Moerdani's instruction at the time.

At that time we often see in some newspapers photographs of thugs of victims of Operation Peter. Conditions are very pathetic, deliberately thrown on the roadside in the sack. The pretext for the sake of national stability, but Benny Moerdani's way is cruel.

So now I am often asked, you are not afraid of the activities that are done now? I replied: "I am just afraid of Allah Almighty"

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