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Maripin Munthe: Akrindo Always Establishes Unity and Journalist Unity

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The development of mass media today is very rapid, ranging from Online Media, Electronic Media, and Print Media. The mass media is very helpful in connecting the public to bring to public view, Information that is distributed to the public on a large scale through Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet, and Magazines.

Recently, the Online Kabar Association of Indonesia (AKRINDO) held a Limited Meeting on Jalan Vikamas Utara Blok E-2 No. 2. 31, RT. 10 / RW. 5, Kapuk Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta Municipality, Jakarta Special Capital Region 14460 discusses the development of media and provides solutions to anticipate the HOAX News.

Since the enactment of Law No. 40 of 1999 on Press, that the independence of the Press is one of the forms of popular sovereignty and becomes a very important element to create a Democratic, National and Democratic Country life. Thus independence issues thoughts and opinions as set forth in Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution which reads, "Freedom of association and assembly, issue of thought with oral and written and so forth is established by law." On that basis, the Online Kabar Association of Indonesia (AKRINDO) was born to accommodate the Media that exist throughout Indonesia in order to create Quality Media.

Chairman of AKRINDO Drs. Maripin Munthe said, in order to avoid the HOAX News that has been a dilemma in the world of journalism. So we overshadow the media that are not verified by the Press Council and at the same time make the Rules that read, News must be 5W + 1H, the news source must be answered, and the AKRINDO will maximize the quality of journalists incorporated in the Organization.

"Thus, when there is a news coverage, the quality of news is guaranteed not to be HOAX, because journalists under the auspices of the Journalists' Organization such as AKRINDO put more data and facts in the field," explained Maripin Munthe.

He added that Akrindo as a Journalist Organization should Embrace, Protect, and Assist Journalists in the field who get discrimination from any party.

"Finding the enemy is easy, but finding the brotherhood is difficult ... If we can, we all the Persons of the Press are united, not mutually hostile.This is the hope of AKRINDO in the future," he said.

The National Press as a vehicle for mass communication, information dissemination and opinion formers should be able to properly implement the Principles, Functions, Rights, Obligations and Roles based on Professional Press Independence.

"Therefore, members of Akrindo must be guaranteed and protected by law and free from interference and coercion from anywhere.The National Press also plays a role in maintaining a world order based on Independence, Perpetual Peace and Social Justice," said AKRINDO Chairman Maripin Munthe. (Hadi / Release)

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