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West Java Governor Leads Solidarity Action for Rohingya Muslims

West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan took to the streets leading the long march as a form of support for ethnic Rohingya Muslims who have suffered tyranny in Myanmar. The action was followed by thousands of mass who joined in various organizations in West Java.

They go hand in hand from the courtyard of Pusdai Mosque to Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Friday (8/9/2017). The echo of takbir and sholawat were echoed by the action participants during the long march

Various messages of peace try voiced in the action titled 'Jabar Peduli Rohingya' this. A number of banners and posters of support for Rohingya were carried out with the writings including: 'Save Rohingya', 'Lets Help Rohingya', 'Real Action for Caring for Rohingyas' and others.

Aher stated that this action as a manifestation of the goal of Indonesia's humanity and justice.

"We are grateful as a nation always present in pioneering anti-colonial affairs, for peace affairs, all supporting the struggle against Rohingyas, all calling to stop violence against Rohingyas," Aher said.

According to him, as one of the largest Muslim countries in the world, Indonesia is indeed supposed to be present for the Rohingyas to be free from all colonialism. Therefore it is included in the state constitution.

"The most important objective in the life of the nation and the state in the constitution that the world to be free from colonialism.When our goal is exalted, there is still colonialism in the world of advanced food we must act," he explained.

In the action of Rohingya care, West Java Provincial Government made concrete step by opening donation fund raising. Within a day the donations have collected reached Rp 1.2 billion. Funds collected from various mosques, SKPD, and some communities. The funds will be collected to be delivered directly to Rohingya.

Action Jabar Cares Rohingya this took place with an orderly and peaceful. The mass action left the Gedung Sate at 14.00 pm.

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