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Aceh Rejects LGBT Movement

The Anti LGBT Aceh Movement (GALA) has been established and declared. The clerics have approved. All Acehnese support this movement. A number of village-level and youth leaders have declared their opposition to LGBT presence in their villages.

We hereby call upon the Acehnese People.

1. People in the appeal do not use the services of transvestites (Men look Women), as in the bridal makeup and all other job sectors.

2. Society does not visit beauty and hairdressing salons, which employ transgenders as employees. Because it is unlawful the transvestites touch women.

Explanation: Chairman of the Jakarta MUI Fatwa Commission, KH, Syarifuddin Abdul Ghani, MA said whatever the form, khuntsa (transvestite) who come into contact with women in Islamic law remains banned. Because if khuntsa is of a male kind then he is in Islamic law he remains as a man in general.

"If khuntsa is with a woman then it is the same as the woman is both men and the law equals men. Although the genitals are not working or disconnected though. When he is with a woman he is still a man and not justified with a woman who is not muhrimnya, "

3. The community does not give rented houses rented by transvestites, in order to save the village environment from the influence of LGBT moral and social disease crimes.

4. The public is advised not to serve transactions with transvestites, as a form of denial of his presence in Aceh. Including not facilitating the place of any event involving LGBT people like transvestites.

5. The leaders and leaders of the Gampong government we hope to give advice to the people who become transvestites, to immediately betaubat and become normal. If it does not change within a certain time, ask it well to leave Aceh.

6. People are encouraged to advise and educate their families about the dangers of LGBT and prohibit family members from getting along with transsexuals, no matter how good their attitude. Because LGBT mode in influencing others is by being friendly and seductive.

7. To our teachers, religious scholars, religious preacher, preacher, with humility we ask to express the dangers of LGBT in every opportunity tausyiah and lecture.

8. To the Aceh Government and Security Parties we wish to support the Peaceful Action to Reject LGBT from Aceh, to prevent the destruction of future generations of Aceh and to avoid the wrath of Allah.


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