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Alumni 212 Implement Qiyamul Lail, Monas Atmosphere is like Wukuf at Arafat

MuslimsPost.Com | The field situation Silang Monas, Saturday before the dawn had made hair goose bumps. Thousands of Muslims crowded every corner of the place, dressed in white. At dawn, they perform qiyamul lail. The scenery is similar to pilgrims being wukuf in Padang Arafah.

Meanwhile, the participants of Alumni Reunion 212 Alumni continue to arrive to the cross field of National Monument (Monas). Not only the masses on the island of Java, they also exist from Lampung, Padang and Palembang.

Smentara Massa who come from outside Jakarta such as West Java and East Java carrying many private vehicles, not a few who came in droves to ride AKAP bus from where he lived.

Gunernur DKI Jakarta Anies Rashid Baswedan seems to have come to the location of this religious activity. "Welcome Mr. Anies Baswedan, please occupy the place that has been provided," said the leader of dhikr activities with loudspeakers.

After performing the dawn prayers in congregation, the event will be filled with various religious activities such as dhikr, tausiah, consolidation, and prayer for the country including welcome from some scholars and state officials.

Currently the participants of Alumni Reunion 212 Alumni still continue to come to Monas field by forming shaf join with other participants.

This action, not only followed by adult men and women, children also participate in invited in this activity.

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