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BAZNAS East Lampung help Orphans

MuslimPost.Com | The National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) of East Lampung District held a grand ceremony and handover of Social Aid at Sukadana Village, Sukadana District, on Thursday (21/12/2017).

In addition to the great teachings and the delivery of social assistance in the form of basic foods, prayer equipment, and blankets are also there is also a mass circumcision.

Attending the event were Vice Regent of East Lampung, Zaiful Bokhari, Sukadana Cen Suatman Sub-district, and Chairman of BAZNAS Arif Sakirun.

The event was opened with a mass circumcision followed by 16 children from the village of Sukadana Market and surrounding areas. Continuing a great study with Drs. Budi Suhermanto as a speaker and welcome from the chairman of BAZNAS.

In his speech the chairman of BAZNAS conveyed, "I am the chairman of BAZNAS to thank the trust given to us to deliver or distribute social assistance to the community".

In the same place the Vice Regent of East Lampung said, "had been submitted by the chairman of BAZNAS actually much we have to help about there brother we are sick. Therefore I am very grateful to BAZNAS who has tried to help our families who have not fared well ".

"Therefore, on behalf of the Government of Lampung Timur Regency, I hope BAZNAS will coordinate with the health office so that our sick relatives can immediately we help the treatment, because the task of local government is to help the community," said the second person in Lampung The East.

The event was closed with symbolic social assistance to orphans, the elderly and duafa with a total of 11 orphans and 90 elderly and duafa respectively.

Journalist: Herwan Toni

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