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Finally the Surabaya City Government Rebuilt Assakinah Mosque

MuslimsPost.Com | After the demonstration of the Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) that had already knocked down the Assakinah Mosque, which is a Cultural Heritage now rebuild the building on condition.

This occurred during the coordination held by Commission C of the DPRD Surabaya, which was attended by several artists from DKS, BMS and KBRS, on Wednesday (20/12/2107) yesterday.

By singing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya while performing Oration, The Artists are escorted by Pagar Jati, Laskar Merah Putih, Bambu Runcing Community of Surabaya, Stren Society Railway incorporated in TAP MPRS and Some Elements of Victims Closure Dolly, Stren Kali and others by passing the Assakinah Mosque that has become debris to the Parliament Building of Surabaya City.

The artists with the spirit of preventing the construction of the 7th Floor of the House of Representatives (DPRD) which justifies all kinds of ways, even conscience was lost to build the building with meluluh lantakkan Assakinah mosque.

According to DKS Advocate to this media said, by Destroying Assakinah Mosque and Building Parliament Building 7 Floor, it will eliminate View Balai Pemuda as Open Area and Cultural Heritage. "In addition it will destroy the Nationality Oasis Surabaya," he said.

In hearing also had a riot due to riding by irresponsible people by claiming to be artists, even the provocateurs chided the Artist DKS, while the Chairman of DKS never knew the Person.

Even Erick Tjahyadi as Head of Cipta Karya Office brought Religious Organization which made the meeting more unfavorable and vulnerable to collision. Though the day before the meeting, Kanit Reskrim Police Genteng, AKP Joko said that the House of Council is on the side and not displacing the mosque, put DKS and BMS in the Youth Hall and not displacing two mothers who earn a living in the Youth Hall.

During the location review, there was a mutual error between Erick as Head of Dinas Cipta Karya with the Head of Tourism Department. Each accused each other became the person most responsible for the demolition of the mosque Assakinah.

Erick asks for a symbolic break, but it is rejected by KBRS before Friday and all excuses first to DKS and BMS. Before doing the demolition symbolically and rebuild it, Surabaya City Government must do Tahlilan first on Thursday (21/12/2017) this.

One of the KBRS Takmir, Isa said, As a polite east, should have good ethics. "People build houses usually ask permission first to the neighbors and if necessary make red porridge for blessing, It builds with and billions like no ethics," he said.

Already play, Gusur, Isa, Still no prayers at all. "It would be better, Before doing the development, held a prayer together for the construction of this mosque is smooth and blessing," he said. (syam)

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