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Laznas Chevron supports SAAJA mass circumcision event

MuslimsPost.Com | The Alternative School for Street Children (SAAJA) under the auspices of Yayasan Param (YParam) held a mass circumcision on Saturday (16/12).

Interestingly, the event is supported by the National Institute of Amil Zakat (Lasnaz) Muslim Employees.

Chevron Indonesia was done after the previous SAAJA experiencing disaster.

In media monitoring, activities that should start at 09.00 WIB, has been filled by residents since around 08.00 am in the morning.

"Insya Allah 22 children," said Admin YParam, Kristina Iin Dwiyanti, at the location, Rasuna Said, South Jakarta.

Iin, who is also SAAJA's management, revealed that one of the children who was circumcised today was one of the victims, when SAAJA's school fell on fallen trees on Monday, December 11, 2017.

"One of the children who joined the sunatan yesterday became victims of school buildings that collapsed, his name is Alamsyah," he said.

Present in the event Director Laznas Chevron, Denies Syahruddin, as well as medical team from Istana Sunat Klinik Anda Sehat. (R-08)

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