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MUI appeals Muslims celebrate New Year with muhasabah

MUSLIMSPOST.COM | Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) Bandung City appealed to the community, especially Muslims to celebrate the new year in order. Culture lighting firecrackers and blowing trumpets is considered to disturb the public's comfort.

Thus it was delivered Vice Chairman of MUI Bandung, KH. Maftuh Kholil told media on Tuesday (26/12/2017).

"Please just celebrate, but of course with positive activities, not wasted property, stop firecrackers because it can interfere with the comfort of others who are resting at night," he said.

MUI itself in the near future will issue a circular to the community requesting to fill the celebration with bermuhasabah (introspection) and not doing the procession on the street as is often done most people.

"There is no prohibition to celebrate the year of Christ, but with normal activities," he said.

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