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MUI spearheaded the action of Indonesia defending Palestine

MuslimsPost.Com | The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will lead the world's largest protest in the United Indonesia Bela Palestine on Sunday (17/12) at Monas and US Embassy.

Similarly, it was conveyed directly by the Chairman of GNPF Ulama Ustadz Bachtiar Nasir (UBN) in a humanitarian oration that took place in Masjid Raya Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12).

"There will be the biggest demonstration on earth, inshaa Allah, and Jakarta will be full of Muslims," ​​said UBN.

"And Alhamdulillah today the Indonesian Ulema Council has met and decided to be ready to lead the Muslim rally for the world !," UBN cried which was replied with takbir by pilgrims.

UBN continued, the Palestinian defense will be held on Sunday (17/12) future.

"Based on the ijtihad of the ulama, the action of United Indonesia Bela Palestine will be held on Sunday (17 December) in Monas and the American Embassy," said UBN.

UBN conveyed the action started at 06.00 WIB until 11.00 WIB.

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