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Muslims back Losing Brave People

Senator Jakrta Fahira Idris also condolences over the departure of Senator DPD RI from Jakarta, Dr AM Fatwa, on Thursday (14/12/2017) this morning, at MMC hospital, Jakarta.

Fahira who is also from Dapil DKI Jakarta said, AM Fatwa for him like her own family.

"From the beginning I think of him as a father," said Fahira, today.

Fahira revealed, in Indonesia, figures such as AM Fatwa can be counted on the fingers.

"Love of Indonesia makes himself sincere risk to sacrifice his freedom even his life though," he said through the next narrative.

Each regime turns authoritarian, Pak Fatwa the figure who is at the front of the fight. He became an icon of resistance and a critical attitude toward the regime of the Old Order and the New Order, he said.

"He is willing to have his body bruised, his soul is awaited, and his freedom is taken away for his consistency in favor of the truth and voicing the aspirations of the oppressed people. He is willing to lose most of his life in prison to see Indonesia as a democratic big country. If talk of consistency, courage, and responsibility, AM Fatwa people, "added Fahira.

"Pak Fatwa, we Indonesians owe a lot to you. You have taught us what consistency, courage, and responsibility are. You have shown us how to love Indonesia as a whole, "he continued.

Although AM Fatwa is now gone, but Fahira admitted will always remember and continue the lunge struggle of the deceased.

"Though your body is gone, your name is eternally carved in our hearts. What you have done will be recorded in the gold ink traveling this great country. Rest quietly Pak Fatwa, meet your creator. Let us continue your struggle to keep Indonesia, "said Fahira who claimed to be in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.

Indonesia and Muslims again lost one of the brave figures ever persecuted in the New Order era, AM Fatwa called Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala on Thursday (14/12/2017) at 06.25 WIB.

Bone-born man, South Sulawesi, February 12, 1939 was named Andi Mappetahang This fatwa breathed his last breath at MMC Hospital, Jakarta. Senator from DKI Jakarta and trusted to lead the Board of Honor (BK) DPD.

The deceased was known as an icon of resistance to the Old Order and New Order Regimes, when the military was still strong and dominant.

AM Fatwa had been forcibly seized by the authoritarian regime of the New Order in the 1984 bloody Tanjung Priok case. In this case, he was subjected to torture, prosecution, and dishonest court.

In order to refute the allegations of the authoritarian regime of the New Order, the former Chairman of the 2004-2009 MPR had to make a 1,118-page pledoi, which he read in court without the help of others, without a break until midnight. In his pledo he said he was attacked by a repressive regime and the military.

He also experienced terror and pressure. In an interview, Fatwa confessed to an intellectual terror disguised as a thug to a concussion. The most severe when driving, he dibokok wearing celurit by a stranger.

"My blood bath. Then, I went to the Navy hospital. Which prompted me to the operating room were two generals of retired General Ali Sadikin and Lt. Gen. HN Darsono. That was my secretary time of the 50th Petition, "he said of the failed assassination attempt on the Merdeka website in March 2017.

May Allah remove his sin, lighten his reckoning, and accept all his struggles.

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