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Sam Aliano Report Metro TV to KPI

MuslimsPost.com | Businessman Sam Aliano reported the Metro TV station management to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) regarding the alleged violation of the code of ethics against the private TV station.

Particularly, related to the impressions of one of the programs on Metro TV entitled "Meneladani Tolerance of the Prophet", which aired, some time ago.

In the show, said Sam, the narrator mentioned that the followers of Reunion 212 were intolerant people who celebrated the victory of the practice of intolerance for the wounds of victims of intolerance by politics.

"The evidence of this show in flash disk," Sam said through a press release on Tuesday (5/12).

In addition to proof of program impressions, Sam also includes a letter complaint against Metro TV. To that end, he asked KPI commissioners to act decisively and sanction against Metro TV.

According to Sam, he participated in the activities of the 212 Reunion. In addition to Sam, attending also a lawyer of Dutch descent Inge Mangundap.

In the event, the Chairman of the DPP of the Young Entrepreneurs Association did not feel there was a society celebrating intolerance or politics.

"I am a descendant, Inge's mother is of Dutch descent and Christian. So action 212 is to embrace and unite all people of different races and religions, "said Sam.

Sam also assessed the show is indicative of dividing the nation with a provocative pitched narrative. So, Sam hopes there is an official apology from the Metro TV related impressions that he considered had the wrong address.

"I am disappointed, angry and offended. Metro TV should prove who the intolerance is and who the victims are? If it does not provide an explanation, then Metro TV is alleged to have lied to the public and give false statements and violate the law of journalistic ethics code, "said Sam.

In his report, Sam was received directly by the Chairman of KPI Yuliandre Darwis, his deputy Rahmat Ali and several ranks of independent state institutions tersebut.Pengusaha Sam Aliano reported the Metro TV to. Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) related to the alleged violation of the code of ethics to Private TV stations.

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