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Senator Jakarta: Trump Hurt the Hearts of Muslims around the World

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US President Donald Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and prepare for the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem has drawn criticism and harvest of blasphemy.

Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Fahira Idris asserted that what Trump is doing is a black dot of the history of human civilization because of irresponsible acts.

"This is not just trampling peace efforts in the Middle East and wounding the hearts of Muslims around the world, but also potentially giving rise to cataclysm for the peace of the world," said a prayer in an e-mail sent to the editor on Thursday.

"The world disaster is called Trump. If he persists in realizing this provocative decision, later on the history of the world will record his name as one of the figures who became a black dot in modern human castration. Citizens of the world must resist this decision, "he continued.

Fahira pointed out that the provocation by Trump indicates that the 45th President of the United States is not only ransacking the UN Security Council agreement but also reinforcing the struggle and commitment of Muslim countries and other countries in the world in helping Palestine independence.

"Trump is totally ignorant of the sternest Muslim states in the world such as Indonesia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries that have been fighting for Palestinian independence. In fact he covers the ears of the rejection of major countries such as Russia and China as well as countries in the European Union. People like this really will be a big disaster for the world, "said Senator Jakarta.

According to Fahira, the Government of Indonesia should take a big role in stopping this President Trump's irresponsible plan, not only because Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world but because joining Palestine is a mandate of constitution.

The constitution made by the founders of this nation, continued Fahira, mandated to all the people of Indonesia to not be silent while there is still oppression and occupation above the world.

"It is time for President Jokowi to take a big role as the head of the leading state who pressed America to abort it. This is the momentum for President Jokowi to carry out his commitment during the campaign to stand with the Palestinian people towards independence, "he explained.

"If later this Trump decision is really realized, Indonesia should be able to convince the world, that no country should follow in the footsteps of America recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Source: Merdeka.com

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