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Target Working Meeting BMH Riau Improve IT System

MuslimsPost.Com | National Institute of Amil Zakat Baitul Maal Hidayatullah (BMH) Riau Islands Representative held an annual meeting of Regional Working Meeting. This is intended as an effort to optimize performance in 2018.

BMH Representative Head Umar Said said that will always develop the information technology system as a policy in achieving the target BMH nationally.

"The development of information technology and social media should be utilized for the means of spreading the goodness in fundraising and delivering various BMH programs to the ummah," he said at Hidayatullah Building, Asia Raya, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, today.

He is aware also related to the potential of zakat, especially in Batam is very large is not optimal in himpun both by BMH and far from local LAZ.

"Batam as a city that is quite dense has a lot of zakat potential extraordinary. BMH should be able to improve management with programs with the right target and the need of the ummah, "he said.

Thus, he continued, the trust of ummah and society in entrusting ZISWAF through BMH will continue to increase, "his message to participants RAKERWIL.

Present in this opportunity representatives BMH Center Word of ZA. In his message Word conveys the need to increase the spirit of creativity. The application of beexpert especially in trust should be upgraded in proceed with satisfactory in accordance with the target that has been specified. Creative service both from mustahik and muzakki. Organizational professionalism in BMH, the elegance of self-awareness in the institutional self-improvement as well as improving oneself. High responsibilitas and teamwork solit.

"That's the organizational values ​​that must be applied and learned all amil," he said.

RAKERWIL which has the theme "Optimalization and Development of Information Technology System to Improve BMH Performance.

This event started with the opening which was attended by Board of Supervisor of BMH of Riau Islands Representative, Head of Pondok Pesantren Hidayatullah Batam and the foundation of Foundation. The activities include; Strategic Direction, Announcement of Rotation of Mutation, Discussion of Human Resource Program, Tahajjud, Work Programs Discussion, Recommendation Result, Institutional Tausyiah and others.

It has been established also the management of daily management BMH Riau Islands, diantarannya; Chief Representative and Kadiv. HR by Umar Said, Kadiv. Markom and IT by Andre Rahmat, Kadiv. Finance by Mufatwan, Kadiv. Society by Syarif and Kadiv. Program by Aswin Solin. (Ummi Khalsum)

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