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The Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini in Somasi for damaging the mosque

MuslimsPost.com | The Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini in Somasi related the case of demolition of DKS Building and As Sakinah Mosque Surabaya city.

Those who will be mayors of the mayor are the Community Institute of Bambu Runcing Surabaya (KBRS), Surabaya Arts Council (DKS), Bengkel Muda Surabaya (BMS) and Surabaya residents representatives.

Previously, they refused the demolition of the As Sakinah mosque and the emptying of the DKS Office or Building.

The case of demolition of As Sakinah Mosque and DK Building Dismissal became the main focus of Surabaya residents and today they conducted a protest and the Somasi to Tri Rismaharini as Mayor of Surabaya on Thursday (7/12/17).

"I will continue to fight for the DKS Building and As Sakinah Mosque, as well as all the cultural heritage buildings in the Surabaya youth center complex, and we will mobilize more masses if our demands are not followed up," Henry Nurcahyo said during a rally in City Hall Surabaya Mayor Office, today.

Separately, lawyers who are acting on behalf of KBRS, DKS and BMS carry out legal warning actions, assessed by the municipal government has violated the law.

"I as the attorney representing DKS and KBRS will continue to follow up arrogance Pemkot and DPRD Surabaya, PT. Cipta Karya, until our demands are fulfilled by the City Government. I will report Tri Rismaharini as the Mayor of Surabaya to Police Headquarters, and the High Prosecutor Office, "said Okky Suryatama SH.

Not only that, the lawyers also sent a letter Somasi to a number of parties involved.

"We also send a letter of Somasi contents of legal reprimand 2 agencies under the authority of the head of Surabaya City Government. These agencies are Dinas Cipta Karya, Department of Culture and Tourism, "he added.

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