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This is the Message of Ustadz Abdul Somad after the Incident in Hong Kong

MUSLIMSPOST.COM | The renowned Ustaz Abdul Somad cleric rejected himself when he was about to preach. After some time ago had experienced rejection by a group of unscrupulous organizations in Bali, this time the graduate of Egypt and Morocco should cancel his lecture in Hong Kong, Saturday (23/12/2017).

Ustaz Somad repatriated unilaterally by the officers of Hongkong International Airport when they want to meet the invitation of pengajian Indonesian people there. He claimed to have no clear reason for the deportation.

The following is a complete clarification of Ustaz Abdul Somad about the incident at Hong Kong Airport quoted from the official facebooknya page:

1. I arrived in Hong Kong at 15.00 WIB (my watch has not changed).

2. Out of the plane door, some uniformed people directly confront us and pull us apart; me, Mr. Dayat and Mr. Nawir.

3. They asked me to open my wallet. Open all existing cards. Among the old they asked was the card of Rabithah Alawiyah. I explain. There I suspect they were engulfed in the issue of terrorism. Because there is a star logo and Arabic script.

4. They wonder identity, occupation, education, association with mass organizations and politics. I explained that I am pure educator, Muslim intellectual complete with my educational background.

5. More or less 30 minutes elapsed. They explained that their country could not accept me. That is all. No reason. They immediately drove me to the same plane for departure at 16.00 pm to Jakarta.

Ustaz Abdul Somad then advised that the friends of the committee should never stop spreading good in the way of da'wah. Although many events beyond expectations.

"We can only try and pray, Qaddarallah, there is a wisdom behind it all," he said.

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