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US Recognition of Jerusalem, Violations of International Law

MuslimsPost.Com | UGM Middle East political expert, Dr Siti Mutiah Setiawan assesses US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a violation of international law.

According to Siti, the UN Security Council agreement firmly states that until now the position of Jerusalem is under UN supervision.

In a press conference on Thursday (14/12/2017) Siti revealed the status of Jerusalem has been established in UN Resolution Number 181 Year 1947 is under international authority.

Siti explained that according to the agreement directly Jerusalem becomes a common city between Israel and Palestine (two state solution).

"This claim can not be ignored because it can disrupt the political stability in the Middle East especially Israel, why, if left unchecked, it is very likely to disrupt the Arab peace process with Israel, and it will also disturb the stability of the three major religions the world of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, "he explained.

Chairman of the Department of HI FISIPOL UGM Dr. Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro declared a unilateral US claim through Donald Trump indicating the country could no longer play a central role in the Israeli and Palestinian peace process.

"The US has effectively declared itself to make the situation in the Middle East less controlled, rather than seeking a constructive policy, but instead issuing policies that lead to greater destruction," he said.

UGM academics ask the government to stick to the establishment of Palestinian independence. The government is also expected to continue working with the OIC to reject a unilateral US decision on Jerusalem.

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