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Welcoming the New Year, Sholawat's voice was heard in West Lampung

MuslimPost.Com | Welcoming the New Year 2018 West Lampung Regent Parosil Mabsus held a Recitation of the Prophet's Maulid In Suoh West Lampung Airport.

In order to welcome the new year 2018 West Lampung regent Parosil Mabsus with the community held a recitation of Akbar in pekon tanjung sari district of Suoh city, west Lampung, Lampung.

In a grand study with the theme of the Prophet's Mawlid and welcome the New Year 2018 which was attended by residents from several sub-districts with preacher Nur Aini from North Lampung.

Before the tausiah ceremony began the students santri chanting sholawat Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi Wasalam to plea safa'at.

The study of the Prophet's mawlid as well as the New Year 2018 aims to show that the West Lampung residents in facing the new year 2018 are filled with positive activities, namely toibul ilmi for the youths who attended the grand ceremony.

In this great study, the Regent of Parosil Mabsus also provides compensation for orphans, in addition there are sub-districts that receive assistance for the construction of NU office, as well as surgical assistance of victims of natural disasters from BASNAS for people affected by floods.

Journalist: Herli Yanto

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