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Write Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, KPAI Call Yudhistira Book Publishers

MuslimsPost.Com | Writing textbooks that there is a fallacy of content and even substance is not the first occurrence. It's happened the umpteenth time. This shows the weak supervision of textbooks, especially SD books. From violent to pornographic content, and now the writing error of the Israeli capital is Jerusalem.

Similarly, it was delivered KPAI Commissioner of Education Retno Listyarti in his written statement, today.

According to Retno, supervision of textbook should be the authority of Pusbukur Kemdikbud RI.

"KPAI will ask for information on the special Kemdikbud Pusbukur, related to the passage of this book in the bookkeeping assessment at Pusbukur.If in the process of assessing the book there is negligence Kemdikbud, then of course Kemdikbud become the responsible party," he said.

To collect the data and full explanation in the process of compiling the book to pass the book evaluation, the KPAI plans to call the publisher yudistira for questioning the first related errors in the book IPS SD. The call is scheduled on Monday, December 18, 2017, at 13:30 pm on the KPAI. (Hd)

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